Today in the city Idaho Springs 23.01.2018
A startup from Phil Libin's incubator thinks its artificial intelligence will make employees happier at work

  Disco, a startup partnered with Evernote cofounder Phil Libin's young artificial intelligence studio All Turtles, released its product to paying customers Tuesday. The product tracks positive...

A John Cena 'Duke Nukem' Movie Is Destined To Be Either Terrible Or Awesome

John Cena is being courted to star in a Duke Nukem movie which could either be an amazing or horrible idea, depending on how it's handled.

3 Things To Know Before Joining a Startup Accelerator

It’s easy for an early founder to get caught up in the idea of structured help and guidance. Just as it’s critical for a nascent company to find the right early hires, it’s important to find the right...

Forget Mad Men — Here's How To Wear A Pencil Skirt In 2018

If the idea of a pencil skirt conjures up images of flight attendants or secretaries in Mad Men, it’s time to reconsider. The spring 2018 catwalks have revived the typically prim and proper office sta...

An avalanche in Japan, likely sparked by a volcanic eruption, killed one person and injured 14 more

Twin natural disasters hit a ski resort in Gunma, Japan. Mount Kusatsu-Shirane erupted, followed shortly by an avalanche. Weather authorities say the events were almost certainly linked. A soldier who...

The rising stars of headhunting everyone on Wall Street should get to know

Competition for talent on Wall Street is fierce. Banks, hamstrung by regulators on compensation and battling the stereotype of an onerous work culture, have seen a talent flight to investing firms and...

What's The Difference Between A Good Entrepreneur And A Great One?

Starting your own business requires an amazing idea and a whole lot of ambition. Creating a business that succeeds beyond expectations requires a whole other slew of skills. So what does it take to be...

New Bill Would Change Idaho Voter Registration Requirements

Idaho voters would no longer be required to disclose their sex while registering to vote under a proposal recently introduced at the Idaho Statehouse.

Man Claims County Refused His Bond So ICE Could Arrest Him

An Idaho inmate claims authorities illegally prevented him from posting bond because of his citizenship status.

Sheriff, Deputies Deny Allegations in Idaho Rancher Lawsuit

Law enforcement officials named in a wrongful death lawsuit are denying allegations they violated federal civil rights during and after the shooting of an Idaho rancher.

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